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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3D Legal Illustrations- Supreme Court Steps

 As you know from previous posts I have been doing a lot of 3D illustrations at work. These were done for the Law/ Legal sector. It is very hard coming up with original content for this category because symbolism of the judicial sector is very limited. I made these as images replicating the steps of The Supreme Court. Although they are great on their own, if they were cropped down as a header or used as a background for a website they would be great additions in creating a visually pleasing web design. My tip for the day is that when brainstorming ideas especially for images/ illustrations with no set specific purpose think of all the different ways an image could be used (for example as a website header, editorial picture, background, asset to a collage, etc. ) and think about who will be the possible consumer for the content you are creating. This will help you to broaden your range of ideas when brainstorming projects.

Programs used: 3ds Max, Vray. All Images in this post are property of Extensoft and Commercial use is prohibited.

Monday, August 20, 2012

3D Medical Illustrations: Cancer, Bacteria, & Blood Cells

A couple of months ago we were doing medical illustrations at work. I always see cool 3d illustrations of cells, viruses, diseases etc. while browsing sites like Web MD or health magazines and I thought I would give it a try. I am very happy with the results. Below are three 3d illustrations. The first one is a mix of cancer and bacteria cells, the second is an illustration of what red blood cells look like floating/ flying through veins, and the third is bacteria on its own. The last image is a collage of some of the assets I created to make the compositions. I always thought that these kind of illustrations would be very hard to create but with a little bit of thought and planning it actually was not too difficult. I created the assets individually in 3ds Max then composited and added some blur and filter passes to give them a realistic feel in Photoshop. My tip for anyone thinking of attempting illustrations like this, or for any other subject matter, is to never be intimidated by the complexity of the idea. If you plan carefully and be thoughtful in the development process then you can make the hardest projects look effortless.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Architectural Interior Visualization: Lighting & Texture Study

I am currently in the process of pumping up my portfolio. I did these 3d architectural interior renderings about a month ago to push myself in the use of lighting effects such as Rays, Fog, and Glow, to experiment with some realistic textures such as brick, wood, and chrome, and to start getting some photo-realistic projects into the mix of my portfolio. This is one of several pieces that I am in the process of developing. I have been seeing such amazing work lately in the Interior Design & Architecture community that has truly inspired me to push myself further. My advice this week for anyone seeking to push their 3d skills to the next level is to constantly be looking through other professionals work to gauge what the expected quality of top ranking artists currently is and do not settle for less in your own work. Check these out and let me know what you think. Hi-res renders are coming soon!

(posting description: 3d Interior Architectural Visualization Renderings of a modern condo living room with white brick walls and wood floors featuring dramatic effects such as fog, rays, and glow.)

Software used: 3ds Max & Mental Ray

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Slug Monster: A Painting to 3d Model Conversion

A few years ago I did the below painting for fun. It was a character I had created in my sketch book which I thought would be interesting as a painting. It came out very nice and it has been on display in my residence ever since. About a month ago, in my free time while working on the several different projects I work on at once for my portfolio and for fun, I decided to translate it into a 3D model/ composition. I have always thought that it would look great in 3D and that it would really bring the characters to life. After not touching it for a few weeks I came back to it yesterday and completed it. I am thrilled with the final product and I am considering possibly further developing this concept into a sculpture or toy. I have posted the original painting below along with the final 3D Render. Check it out and remember that when you come up with something that is interesting whether it be a drawing, painting, sculpture, or 3D model, think about exploring the same concept further in different mediums as I find it important in the development of ideas and for your growth as an artist and designer.

Original Painting

 Final 3d Render

Detail/ Close-ups

The original painting was done in Acrylics & Markers on Canvas. The 3D version was created with 3ds Max and rendered with Mental Ray.

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By donating you make it easier for me to post more often on more topics and give me the ability to spend more time answering your questions. If you enjoy reading or have found any of my posts valuable feel free to let me know.